Rain Shower Filter Dubai, UAE

  • Rain Shower Filter Dubai, UAE

Best rain shower water filter in Dubai, UAE.
Rainshower head with a filter Interior that gives you
Clean water to the everyday shower.

Wide 240mm diameter disk to get optimum coverageSelf-cleaning nozzles - no downtime, no further cleaning required.

Original Accessory: 1-9" shower arm accessible Particular four coating filtering method which eliminates the unpleasant
Effects of harsh chlorine from water and helps reduce hair and loss dry skin and additional-curricular problems Easy 3-second DIY setup.
No plumber wanted.
Prevents limescale and germs Build up and removes
Awful odor
Life of 25,000 up or as much as a few weeks (Real life is dependent upon usage and
water quality)

Another shower filter Dubai Details:
WaterScience CLEO rainshower filter -A clean & healthier shower daily. Better water to get much superior skin and hair.
Chlorine and water salts on your water are one of the most usual factors behind hair-fall, dry skin, and also a range of other dermatological issues. Eliminate these contaminants that are harmful to possess a refreshing, refreshing shower - regular.

CLEO rainshower Filter features an extensive 240mm diameter disk head to get a deluxe showering experience. With exceptional self-cleaning nozzles that make sure that flushing and dull cleaning is minimal.

Employing patented KDF technologies in KDF Fluid Treatment Inc., USA, CLEO removes Around 95 percent of the chlorine from your water.